I sculpted, moulded and bronze cast a twice life size hand as part of a 'Surrealism' project. My inspiration was the joke 'how many surrealists does it take to change a lightbulb', and have sculpted the hand as if it were reaching to change a lightbulb. 
I took a life cast from a hand, and used it as a reference to sculpt my sculpture out of monster clay, with a faceted finished texture. 
I created a 2 part silicone mould with a 3 part jesmonite jacket.
Using microcrystaline wax I created a hollow cast of the hand, chased the wax and then mounted it on runners and thread through bronze wire to help the ceramic shell mould (next step) from not collapsing in on itself.
After pouring the bronze I filled in any air pockets with bronze tig welding, and then grinded and polished it back.
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